Labrador retriever nursery

Are you ready to experience the joy of owning a Labrador Retriever?

We will be placing our personality testing on the

Siess Lovable Lab FB page here: SIESSLOVABLELAB

for you to view for future puppies.

We are located outside of Seneca Kansas on our family farm. Our  Labrador Retrievers enjoy running around and playing with our children and the grandchildren.

The best part of raising these little gems is we get to be part of their lives from the start

Our grandchildren can often be found in the mothers nursery holding the newborns. They never get tired of new babies. And then when the puppies are old enough to follow them around it is just priceless to see them interact with them.

We look forward to helping you choose your new family member. We can hopefully answer your questions and concerns about bringing a mini labradoodle into your home.


Jessie and Rocky have been a pairing before and their last litter was awesome! We are looking forward to raising these little babies. Jessie is such a smart lab and Rocky is so lovable. We like that Rocky has a smoother coat so much easier to manage. Ask about our temperament evaluations on these puppies by filling out our application online.

Rocky is our younger Stud and has a very loyal easy-going personality. We always love his pups due to their easy-to-train ability. We absolutely love the ease of trainability in these pups.


Dallas is my biggest boy! He is very confident in being around all the older pups as most all of them get along well with the younger pups. We do crate and individually feed all our pups so that we can monitor their schedule. 




Mazie is a sweetheart! She is a bit smaller I feel she will fill out just like her mother Jessie. She is learning leash and has already been crate trained and is eating well. I can always get you more video and photos of them via text message. Please fill out an application! 

GENDER: Female



Maverick is  a very handsome boy! He has more of the white overall look! We love the slick coats of Rockys pups and I feel Maverick has so much of Rocky’s personality just so gentle and easy going. 




Zoe is my little bit bigger girl. She has a great easy going personality. I love that she has those golden tipped ears like Rocky. He has really filled out since his last photo. This fall we will get some udpates of him. 

GENDER: Female



Lady and Rocky have been a pairing before and their last litter was awesome! We have 2 girls and 6 boys in this group. They will be ready to leave here at the end of November. We are excited to share with you some of their recent photos. They are so much fun and love to get outdoors. 


Duke looks so much like Rocky. He is such a fun puppy and is very curious to his surroundings. 

GENDER: male


Chief is my grandson’s favorite pup. He loves to follow him around. 

GENDER: male



Clancy is a fun pup. We love that he is one of Rocky’s pups so laid back and willing to do anything to please. 




Gunner is a bit darker color than the others. He is such a fun boy also. All these puppies are working through their first level of training.

GENDER: male



Wilson is a handsome boy. He has the exact personality as his mother Lady. He is content being by your side all day long.

GENDER: male



Everything about Moose is big! Don’t let that fool you he is a gentle big boy. 

GENDER: male



Lola is a beauty. She is reserved and loves to be by your side. Lady is such a good mother and teaches these pups how to play.

GENDER: female



Lucy is also another sweet pup. These babies are going to be easy trainers. We love the pups we get from both of our studs, Rocky and Koda

GENDER: male


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