Are you ready to experience the joy of owning a Labrador Retriever Puppy Or a Mini Labradoodle Puppy?
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We are located outside of Seneca Kansas on our family farm. Our  Labrador Retrievers enjoy running around and playing with our adult children and grandchildren. There is nothing better than getting outdoors on a nature walk with a Labrador Retriever puppy.

The best part of raising these hearty pups is we get to be part of their lives from the start with early stimulation massages when the pups are newborn. Our mothers and the pups are getting this imprinting early on so that they are very comfortable with all ages of people around them.

Our grandchildren can often be found in the mother’s nursery holding the newborns. They never get tired of new babies. And then when the puppies are old enough to follow them around it is just priceless to see them interact with them.

We look forward to helping you choose your new furry family member. We can hopefully answer your questions and concerns about bringing a labrador retriever puppy into your home.

Our Labrador Mothers have puppies only certain times of the year. We like to show off their past puppies and Mom’s 

Bailey the Labrador Retriever Mother

I am always impressed with how quickly these labrador pups learn basic commands. Bailey is from our previous lines of Maverick and Meg. She has had puppies with Koda our older male and also one litter with our new boy Rocky. 

Bailey the Labrador Retriever


Bailey is a very athletic girl. She is a great mother to have. We especially like her size. Meg her mother was a big girl of about 80 lbs. Where all our girls are about 60 to 70 lbs consistently. She gives us healthy and easy-to-train pups.

Bailey’s Health testing


Bailey’s Past Puppies


Lady the Labrador Retriever



Lady’s Health testing


Lady’s Past Puppies


Molly the Labrador Retriever



Molly’s Health testing


Molly’s Past Puppies


Jessie the Labrador Retriever



Jessie’s Health testing


Jessie’s Past Puppies


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