Labrador retriever nursery

Are you ready to experience the joy of owning a Labrador Retriever Puppy?

We are located outside of Seneca Kansas on our family farm. Our  Labrador Retrievers enjoy running around and playing with our adult children and grandchildren. There is nothing better than getting outdoors on a nature walk with a Labrador Retriever puppy.

The best part of raising these hearty pups is we get to be part of their lives from the start with early stimulation massages when the pups are newborn. Our mothers and the pups are getting this imprinting early on so that they are very comfortable with all ages of people around them.

Our grandchildren can often be found in the mother’s nursery holding the newborns. They never get tired of new babies. And then when the puppies are old enough to follow them around it is just priceless to see them interact with them.

We look forward to helping you choose your new furry family member. We can hopefully answer your questions and concerns about bringing a labrador retriever puppy into your home.


Bailey and Koda's puppies born January 21, 2024

I am always impressed with how quickly these labrador pups learn basic commands. At the four-month age now, they have accomplished basic commands such as sit and stay, walking on leash with ease and are leveling up to their second part of training with leave it and following our commands off leash.


Brewster has been a lover boy from the get go. He is such a good fellow with learning to follow along with the others. He does like companionship and would do well in a home with another dog. Check out his video and how easily he entertains himself.


Oscar has always been the first to accomplish things. He has that natural gift to want to please you. I love Oscars eye contact even when we are with the whole crew I can count on him to be the first to listen and want to perform.



Piper is my typical Lab puppy and wants to follow her nose. She is a good listener and comes right along when called. She loves to play fetch and other games. She will be the perfect fit in your family of fun. 


Reagan started out being the smaller one, she has really blossomed in looks and also has been a very easy to train girl. She likes to be around the kids and has a gentle nature. I love the way she is calm with the grandson walking. 


Luna is my talker, she doesn’t bark much but she will give me little whines on what she wants to do. LOL She is a smart girl and is always there when called. I love that she has been more of the leader with the other puppies. 


Baxter has been my bigger boy, He has that calm cool collective nature around everyone. He walks with confidence and has that gentle leadership with the other puppies. 


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