We have been breeding and raising dogs for over 20 years. We are passionate about our dogs and are committed to providing our puppies with the best possible start in life.

Our puppies are raised in a loving home environment with plenty of attention and socialization.

It is our passion to uphold the outstanding qualities of our dogs. Our puppies and adults are on a consistent regiment with bonding and touch related exercise to condition them to excel in their intelligence, loyalty and gentle nature.


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February is the Month for,

Dental Health Awareness  Month for your dog

Also Dog Training Education Month

 Spay/Neuter Awareness Month

And Every Month is Responsible Pet Owners Month

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breeder of excellence

At Siess Ranch, we take immense pride in being a breeder of excellence, dedicated to raising exceptional puppies that enrich lives and create lasting bonds. There’s a unique and indescribable joy in witnessing the moment when our puppies find their forever families – it’s a culmination of love, trust, and companionship that drives us every day.

We invite you to delve into our world, where meticulous care and unwavering commitment define our breeding practices. Learn more about our journey, values, and the passion that fuels our dedication. As you explore, envision the happiness and fulfillment that welcoming one of our puppies into your home could bring.

At Siess Ranch, we’re eagerly looking forward to the opportunity of matching you with your perfect new puppy. Join us in this journey of love and connection – your next furry family member is just a click away.

LABRADOR retrievers




Labradors have earned their reputation as versatile companions, excelling in various roles from beloved family pets to service animals, search and rescue experts, and therapy support. Their trainable nature and innate desire to please make them stand out as ideal candidates for these diverse responsibilities.

Beyond their impressive abilities, Labradors radiate an aura of warmth and approachability. Their expressive eyes and wagging tails seem to convey an unspoken promise of unwavering companionship. Whether engaging in brisk outdoor activities or sharing tranquil moments indoors, the Labrador Retriever offers a steadfast presence that enhances every facet of life.


With their hypoallergenic coats and adorable appearances, Mini Labradoodles win hearts instantly. Their coats come in an array of colors and patterns, adding a touch of personal style to their already endearing presence. These dogs are like walking sunshine, spreading cheer wherever they go.

But it’s not just about looks – Mini Labradoodles also bring a dose of brainpower to the table. Thanks to their Poodle lineage, they inherit a sharp intellect that makes training a breeze. Whether it’s learning tricks or mastering commands, these pups are always eager to impress with their quick learning and can-do attitude.

Gunner Labrador Retriever Pup of the week

  Here is the Amazing Lab Gunner  Meet Lady's GunnerThis little guy has been the most friendly energetic pup from the start.  Gunner has always been very friendly and lovable. He is 3 months old and loves to be around people and his brothers.  Keep reading to learn...

Featuring Franklin Smart Mini Labradoodle

Featuring Our Smart FranklinMeet Marlee's FranklinThis little guy has been the smartest little pup.  Franklin has always been very friendly and lovable. He is 4 months old and loves to be around people.  Keep reading to learn more about Franklin's training to see if...

Penny and Bennie’s girls

Featuring Penny's GirlsMeet Ruby and PebblesI am so excited for you to get to know these special girls! Ruby has always been the smallest. And Pebbles has been the little chunky one.  Keep reading to learn more about Ruby and Pebbles to see if they would make the...

“My wife and I were looking over our dog Ollie’s paperwork when we came across your handwritten letter describing him. I have to say you were spot on! Not only that, but in this day and age, the fact you spent the time to handwrite out a note to us made us feel very special and so we wanted to do the same. During these times Ollie has been such a joy.”


“…thank you for my wonderful Lab Star. He’s now 8 years old with the energy of a much younger dog I’ve had. He knows every routine of mine in the house from morning till night. He’s got a digital clock in his head. I caught him looking and waiting for the alarm to go off at 7:30 am the time I usually get up to go to work. I will put 5 or 6 items on the ground in the backyard, and when I tell him to get these items, he retrieves them back to me, one by one. What a Retriever! He’s in great shape, at about 78 lbs, all muscle. He’s my friend and companion. Thank You for my “Star”


Our Featured Puppy of the Week

Learn more about our Featured Puppy this week, you can also follow along on FB and Instagram to follow our highlights of the featured puppy.

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