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Beth is just one part of the team here at Siess Ranch

I am blessed to have a wonderful family and puppy trainers supporting me in caring for these puppies. What I have learned with raising dogs for the past 20 years is that there is a bond formed between humans and puppies on day 1. That is why the imprinting and special massage techniques are a curriculum of everyone involved here. Our staff is trained to handle each puppy to the highest standards of care.

We started with the Labrador Retriever first over 20 years ago. We had a strong and healthy baseline for our Mini Labradoodles by incorporating those proven lines of Labs and with acquiring proven lines of the toy Poodle lines into our Mini Labradoodle Mothers.

    We carefully evaluate each puppy at different growth stages to match the right puppy with the prospective owner’s preferences and lifestyle.

    Some of the testing information is public information through sites such as OFA and on our website which is a constantly evolving list of information. Other testing results that are done on the puppies and adults routinely are made available to you with our consultation proceeding following the application process.

    Let us help you decide what type of Labradoodle is best for you. 

    Labradoodles come in all sizes and colors. We are happy to explain the differences with you. 

    Our experience has been that some toy breeds are very independent and yappy. Well, with the lab bred into this toy poodle breed, we see some major training differences. These little gems are trainable and demand interaction, they are as lovable and loyal as a labrador puppy.

    You can check out our Mini / Toy Labradoodle Puppy page for interesting facts about the Toy Labradoodle.

    Andrea, Joe and Kibby Cassell

    “We are so blessed with this amazing dog.
    I’m a national award-winning children’s book author and all my stories are about Kibby and life lessons for children as seen through his eyes. We got Kibby from Siess ranch. Siess Ranch is the best as they nurture each and every puppy until it goes to the next person to love.
    They are loving, honest and true professionals who care about what they do.
    Each and every day we feel blessed to have Kibby in our lives.
    He’s an amazing smart, loving, kind dog with such zest for life!
    Thank you Siess Ranch for all you do!”



    Beth and Richard,
    We would love to stay in contact. We have Luna and she is a little honey bunny keeper. There are pictures from the
    airport pick up to meeting her human dad Tom to her sister KC. We like her temperament, attitude, confidence,
    curiousity and endless energy. Chat soon.


    Our standard Labradoodle pup from the Siess Ranch is such a smart loving boy. Maxwell has been home for 1 month and has already learned several commands. He quickly learned to ring the bell to go outside. He came to us at 5 months old with leash and kennel manors. He also plays fetch like a boss!

    The Siess’ were great to work with and it is obvious they care about their pups.

    I would recommend checking them out if you are looking for a good buddy.

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