Rose is a Standard size Labradoodle. She is 2 years old
Rose has been a wonderful mother we have just decided we have enough to handle with the mini size.
Rose’s mother was Ginger our Chocolate Lab Mother and her sire was our standard poodle Memphis which we
have placed out in a loving home.
Rose is a very affectionate dog, she loves kids and going for walks. She is very athletic and loves the outdoors. She
would do well with a family and also with other dogs. Please reach out if you you would like more information
about Rose.



We call her Smokin Mocha, she has a beautiful coat of chocolate with stands of lighter silver mixed in. Mocha is a standard labradoodle. 

She weighs 50 lbs and stands 40 inches tall. She is the perfect size of the standard. 

Smokin Mocha has a spunky fun loving personality. She has produced one litter this past winter for us. And was the funniest mom and loved on her pups.

She did really well and has mellowed a bit since raising those puppies. We see a very eager to please puppy from Mocha.