What you should know about Dental Health for your Puppy

Awareness of your puppy’s dental health at a young age is important. A balanced diet plays a significant role in dental health. Choose high-quality puppy food, your breeder should be able to recommend and point out what the puppy has been eating. This goes for treats and chew toys too.

When you take your puppy to the veterinarian for the first time they will consult with you also on what to do for teething and what type of chew toys are recommended for good dental health.  Just like humans, dogs benefit from regular tooth brushing. Start with a soft-bristled toothbrush and dog-friendly toothpaste. Introduce brushing gradually, making it a positive experience for your puppy.

Professional dental cleanings may be necessary as your puppy grows into adulthood. Your veterinarian can advise you on the frequency of cleanings based on your dog’s dental health. This is why we recommended good dental
practices at a young age with appropriate chew bones and brushing. To possibly avoid any professional cleanings till they are older.

How can you be aware of signs of dental problems?

Watch out for signs of dental issues such as:

  • bad breath
  • swollen gums
  • discolored teeth
  • excessive drooling
  • difficulty chewing

If you notice any of these signs, consult your veterinarian promptly.

February isn’t just about hearts and flowers; 

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Just like us, dogs need some extra love and care for their teeth. This month is all about raising awareness and making sure our canine companions have the healthiest smiles possible.

 Dental issues can lead to serious health problems for our pups. Take extra steps to keep those canine chompers in top shape with treats that take care of cleaning their teeth plus giving them fresh breath.

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