Hard to imagine the flea and tick season with snow falling this early March morning here in Kansas. Our temperatures have been on a roller coaster this past month. The bees are out and I have seen a few spiders already so it is time to be thinking about how to protect my pets.

Flea and Tick Season is right around the corner.

Protecting your pup from bugs during the season typically involves a combination of preventive measures and
treatments. So you may find yourself using many different things depending on your location and pets.
It is always wise to start with a visit to your veterinarian to ensure your pup is up-to-date on all vaccinations and
preventive medications. This includes flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives, which are often prescribed monthly.
Use flea and tick preventatives as recommended by your veterinarian. These can come in various forms such as oral
medications, topical treatments, collars, or sprays. Remember regular use helps keep fleas and ticks at bay.
If you are like me I don’t like to use these strong flea and tick treatments on my younger pups or even on my mothers
that are nursing. I only use treatment on pets that are over 3 months and even then I determine if they are going to be
exposed to this before hand. As an alternative I use natural solutions to sprinkle around the environment and on our

    I also like this shampoo by Granny Smith in Oregon, Rosemary, Lemon Grass and Peppermint are known for insect
    repellents. Azure Standard is a company that offers natural and organic products for us and the animals. It is set up
    on a delivery system typically that comes once a month to a location that we pick up at. You can certainly check into
    it here www.azurestandard.com. This product in particular I do use around and sprinkle on my pups


    I have also ordered some herbs and oils from Mountain Rose,


    Dogs like to take nature walks

    If you and your dog like to take nature walks then by all means use preventative monthly treatments plus follow up
    with regular grooming after your walks. After spending time outdoors, thoroughly check your pup for ticks,
    especially in areas such as ears, underarms, and between toes. Promptly remove any ticks using fine-tipped tweezers,
    ensuring you remove the entire tick, including the head.

    I remember a time when we had a split rail fence in our back yard. It was a beautiful structure but it was a perfect
    habitat for ticks. That is no longer here thank goodness. I am aware now that when I take my dogs on walks to our
    pasture that I need to check them upon returning even though they have preventative treatments monthly the ticks
    can still attach themselves and transmit diseases before they fall off dead.

    Another thing is to consider using tick and flea repellent sprays or wipes when venturing into these environments as
    an added protection. Fleas and ticks are most active during warmer months, so take extra precautions during spring
    and summer. Use mosquito repellents designed for pets or consider using mosquito nets or screens if your pup
    spends time outdoors during mosquito season. If at all possible, avoid outdoor activities during peak mosquito
    activity times, typically dawn and dusk.

    We have a creek nearby which we love to spend time in the summer, and my husband will walk more often in the
    evenings and it always is less enjoyable around the creek when it is dusk. But that is when we have the most time to
    get away so we do use this safe repellent on ourselves and our pups.
    (Just be cautious with any spray made with tea tree oil which is not good to use on dogs)

    Keep an eye on your pup’s overall health and behavior

    If you notice any signs of discomfort, irritation, or unusual
    behavior, consult your veterinarian promptly. Early signs of a tick infested disease include:

    • Vomiting
    • Loss of appetite
    • Lameness that comes and goes

    Consider hiring professional pest control
    services to treat your home and yard that is safe for pets.

    With our go-home package, we give you all the information on what your puppy has been given both with vaccinations and any flea and tick solutions. 


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