What makes the Mini Labradoodle so popular and the sought out puppy to adopt?

They are so darn lovable just like our labs. If you have ever owned a lab you know the loyal easy to train personality is why people come back to them time after time. With our lifestyles changing and wishing to adapt to a smaller version with less hair shedding what is the next best thing. A mini labradoodle of course.

With our mini labradoodles coming from our years of proven lines of Labs and proven lines of the toy Poodle we are confident to give you a healthy happy puppy.

With the personality testing we do at a young age we are certain to match you with the perfect fitting puppy into your home.

You can view the most recent personality test done on our 7 week old puppies on our facebook page.

You can teach your Puppy the appropriate way to say HELLO

Teaching your dog the appropriate way to say Hello. Just as important as teaching your kids how to properly act around others, dogs need to learn the appropriate way to say hello to people, as this will inevitably be a part of their everyday life while living as a...

February is Canine Dental Health Month

What you should know about Dental Health for your Puppy Awareness of your puppy's dental health at a young age is important. A balanced diet plays a significant role in dental health. Choose high-quality puppy food, your breeder should be able to recommend and point...

What is the scoop on getting a service dog or having one trained?

  What you should know about either getting a service dog or having one certified. Ensure that the dog is in good health and physical condition. Service dogs need to be fit and able to performtheir tasks without limitations. In some areas, there may be legal...

English Labrador or American Labrador

What do all Labrador Retriever's have in common are they are amazing easy to train because of the eagerness to please.Notes taken from the AKC breed standard. " What attracted Lord Malmsbury to purchase several Labrador Retrieversfrom Newfoundland was that drive to...

Reinforce Calm Affection Behavior with your Labrador Retriever Training.

Not all training starts with food rewards. But as your puppy grows they are more food-driven. As a young puppy, weimprint them by handling them often. And by the time they are weaned from the mother she has also taught themsome basic manners. This is why it is so...

Gunner Labrador Retriever Pup of the week

  Here is the Amazing Lab Gunner  Meet Lady's GunnerThis little guy has been the most friendly energetic pup from the start.  Gunner has always been very friendly and lovable. He is 3 months old and loves to be around people and his brothers.  Keep reading to learn...

Labrador Retrievers: The Best Family Dog

When you're looking for a family dog, there are many breeds to consider. Families around the world are choosing Labrador Retrievers as their pets, but why is that? One reason is that Labs LOVE being around people, which makes them a great choice for families with...

Featuring Franklin Smart Mini Labradoodle

Featuring Our Smart FranklinMeet Marlee's FranklinThis little guy has been the smartest little pup.  Franklin has always been very friendly and lovable. He is 4 months old and loves to be around people.  Keep reading to learn more about Franklin's training to see if...

A guide to the Mini Labradoodle: What you need to know

With their hypoallergenic coats and adorable appearances, Mini Labradoodles win hearts instantly. They are loyal, affectionate, and easy to train. Mini Labradoodles are great companions all around! If you’re considering a Mini Labradoodle for yourself or your family,...

Penny and Bennie’s girls

Featuring Penny's GirlsMeet Ruby and PebblesI am so excited for you to get to know these special girls! Ruby has always been the smallest. And Pebbles has been the little chunky one.  Keep reading to learn more about Ruby and Pebbles to see if they would make the...

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February is the Month for,

Dental Health Awareness  Month for your dog

Also Dog Training Education Month

 Spay/Neuter Awareness Month

And Every Month is Responsible Pet Owners Month

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Andrea, Joe and Kibby Cassell

“We are so blessed with this amazing dog.
I’m a national award-winning children’s book author and all my stories are about Kibby and life lessons for children as seen through his eyes. We got Kibby from Siess ranch. Siess Ranch is the best as they nurture each and every puppy until it goes to the next person to love.
They are loving, honest and true professionals who care about what they do.
Each and every day we feel blessed to have Kibby in our lives.
He’s an amazing smart, loving, kind dog with such zest for life!
Thank you Siess Ranch for all you do!”



Beth and Richard,
We would love to stay in contact. We have Luna and she is a little honey bunny keeper. There are pictures from the
airport pick up to meeting her human dad Tom to her sister KC. We like her temperament, attitude, confidence,
curiousity and endless energy. Chat soon.


Our standard Labradoodle pup from the Siess Ranch is such a smart loving boy. Maxwell has been home for 1 month and has already learned several commands. He quickly learned to ring the bell to go outside. He came to us at 5 months old with leash and kennel manors. He also plays fetch like a boss!

The Siess’ were great to work with and it is obvious they care about their pups.

I would recommend checking them out if you are looking for a good buddy.

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