Do you want the most easily trained dogs?

Did you know that a puppy learns social skills and develops into the most easily trained dogs in the first few months of its life? 

Why are the first 16 weeks so important to your puppy?

It’s every quality breeder’s goal to give their puppies the best chance of staying in the family home for the duration of their life. It has been proven that a puppy will pick up on their environment and be socially impacted for the rest of their life from the experiences they have in the first 16 weeks.

I relate our puppy business like running a daycare for puppies. We experience the teething stage when Mom is weaned from the puppies. Did you know that the mothers will growl at the puppies when they bite on her? This is why when we teach a young puppy not to bite us on the fingers we often growl and give them a stern NO BITE command and enforce restricted play. We use this growl during our teaching sessions when they are at this stage because they have already learned from Mom that certain things are not allowed.

Why do we instill the puppy, puppy, puppy CALL?

Another tip is that we use the puppy, puppy, puppy call when they are little and all following us. They are eager to follow us and this also builds confidence in some of the shy ones. We stop using this call as the puppies get older and we are working on leashes with more specific commands as sit and stay. But this puppy call sticks with them. And if they are ever in a dangerous zone and you need to get their attention fast. I suggest using this puppy call. It will stop them in their tracks hopefully long enough to keep them from harm until you have the most easily trained dogs.

It is a science that a puppy learns at an early age.

We are constantly learning new techniques here with our puppies. One small improvement we have made in the past year is to teach them to walk on a leash at a younger age. We use a slip leash to start with and work with them in and out of the crate. This also instills the kennel-up command. I am so proud of how my helpers have pitched in to learn these new techniques to keep us all on the fast track to success in placing our puppies in loving caring homes where they can excel in their training skills to give you the most easily trained dogs. Learn more about our training providing the most easily trained dogs. 

For the difficult unfocused puppy

Another tip with the leash is that if you have a difficult puppy, put this puppy on a lead and just sit on the leash, having appropriate things for the puppy to chew on and calm him will help. But you will need to be willing to sit it out for as long as it takes for them to be calm and controllable on the leash. The good thing is most puppies at a young age still sleep a lot during the day! This tip can be used for the most easily trained dogs.

For the most easily trained dog, start with a trained puppy

For extra help and support we pass along the Baxter and Bella training to all our buyers. You get a 25% discount when signing up for the lifetime membership using our SIESSRANCH code. With this platform, you will get action videos explaining how to train, along with live calls to trainers of expertise. They offer a puppy class and have a forum where you can ask questions. It is a very valuable tool to have for the most easily trained dog.

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