Puppy Imprinting


So what is ENS and what does it do for the puppy ?


ENS, or Early Neurological Stimulation, encompasses the introduction of neurological experiences during the initial phases of a puppy’s life. The origins of the ENS training regimen can be traced back to a military-developed initiative known as the “bio-sensor” program. Dr. Carmen Battaglia played a pivotal role in both researching and promoting this concept, which eventually gained fame as the “Super Puppy Program.” Notably, puppies come into the world in a condition of utter vulnerability. Classified as an “altricial” species, they lack faculties like vision, hearing, and the capacity to regulate their body temperature. Their mobility is limited to a brief crawl, often aimed at seeking warmth in the proximity of their mother. This phase of dependence persists until the puppy reaches approximately two weeks of age. In stark contrast, “precocial” species are equipped with sensory capabilities from birth, along with the ability to maintain body temperature and even engage in rudimentary locomotion shortly after being born. The equine family stands as a prime example of a precocial species.

The benefits of ENS last a lifetime, not just the early years.

Stronger Heart Beats

– Improved Cardiovascular Function & Performance

– Improved Stress Tolerance

– Increases Resistance to Disease


Early Scent Introduction (ESI) isn’t just a training routine – it’s an immersive journey that unlocks the astonishing potential hidden within your puppy’s sense of smell.

This meticulously curated expedition amplifies their innate ability to detect and respond to specific scents, laying down the foundation for a lifetime of unparalleled skills and profound bonds.

ESI involves acquainting your pup with a range of potent scents, each introduced briefly. Every day ushers in a new aroma, while we keenly observe and document your pup’s responses. Positive reactions arise when your furry friend displays curiosity and gravitates towards the scent. Conversely, any attempts to shy away from the scent are noted as negative reactions. Neutral responses indicate a more tempered reaction, suggesting a milder interest.


Siess Ranch Perfect Puppy

Imprinting Program

1. **First couple of weeks:**
– The mother and puppies are kept quiet.
– Gentle massaging for mom and puppies several times a day.

2. **At the 3 to 4 week age:**
– Gradually working up to playtime with the puppies.
– Use of soft toys and blankets to support early crawling and walking.
– Follow up with gentle massaging and scent activities several times a day.

3. **At the 4 to 6 week age:**
– Interaction with us and Mom outside the nursery.
– Indoor play on a floor surface with blankets for traction.
– Growing comfort in new areas and less constant presence of Mom.

4. **At the 6 to 8 week age:**
– More interaction and activities to stimulate eagerness and curiosity.
– Focus on matching the perfect puppy with its owner.

5. **At the 8 week age and beyond:**
– Puppies comfortable with eating and sleeping alone.
– Advancement in several areas of training.

6. **The Go Home Day:**
– Bond directly with your puppy.
– Exciting day with guidance on what to expect.


Siess Ranch Perfect Puppy

LEVEL 2 Training


1. **Our base line training has provided our puppies with socialization skills to move to this level two:**
– Walking on leash has become second nature with our puppies.
– Emphasis on keeping puppies close during walks and using “stay” commands to prevent tugging.

2. **Puppies have learned to not bite our fingers through level one training and now we are learning to sit for treats:**
– Progress from bite inhibition in level one to learning the “sit” command for treats.

3. **Puppies have also learned to be comfortable in their own space with sleeping alone:**
– Work on crate training in level 2, including walking in crates with commands.

4. **Level 2 Puppies are crate and potty trained. Just will need to adjust to their new surroundings:**
– Achieve crate and potty training proficiency in level 2, preparing for a change of environment.

5. **The Go Home Day:**
– Seize the opportunity to bond directly with your puppy.
– Anticipate an exciting day for both you and your new furry companion. 

What's the process for selecting a puppy from a litter?

When it's time to choose a puppy from a litter, we'll provide guidance based on your preferences and the puppies' personalities.

Are your puppies registered?

Our Labrador Retriever's are all American Kennel Club registered and when puppies are born we do register  the litter. However with the sale of the puppy will be with limited AKC puppy papers and pedigree. As for  our Labradoodles they are not recognized through AKC so only the Poodle sires are registered and there will  be no paper registration available through American Kennel Club for the Labradoodle puppies. 

How do you ensure the health of your puppies?

We prioritize the health of our puppies through regular veterinary check ups, vaccinations and deworming  and health screening. Each puppy is raised in a clean and nurturing environment.

What is your approach to breeding and genetics for puppies?

Our number one priority in our breeding is health. With our focus on minimizing hereditary health issues  our breeding pairs are chosen with careful consideration to genetics. 

Can I visit your facility to see the puppies?

Yes, we encourage this if at all possible. This gives both you and the puppy familiar bonding prior to them  leaving the ranch. (If you cannot visit the next best thing is a face time or zoom meet up. 

What type of socialization do your puppies receive?

Our puppies are raised in a family setting. We have multiple people including young children handle the  puppies. Very young children are always supervised. Our puppies are given proven techniques of massage and  interaction every day. This changes with a more interactive and individual curriculum as the puppy gets older.

What is all included in the purchase fee for a puppy?

We provide the health records for the puppy showing up to date vaccinations and deworming , vet visits and  weight chart. We provide a 24 month health guarantee and lifetime support for you and your puppy. Your puppy is identified with a micro chip implant and you will receive information on how to transfer that to your  name. You will be sent home with a small bag of food and information on how and where to order this food.  Trupanion offers a 30 day free health insurance through us with our breeder code. Also we highly recommend  training for your puppy. The best source we have found is the Baxter and Bella online lifetime plan. 

How can I reserve a puppy?

A deposit of $1000 is required and reservations are made on a first come, first serve basis.  And of course we take your phone call and will talk with you personally about what you are specifically  looking for. The best way to stay in touch with us is calling or texting me personally. 

Can I get references from previous puppy buyers?

Certainly, we can provide you with either email or phone numbers of satisfied buyers.  How do you handle transportation for out of town puppy buyers?  

How can I pick up my puppy?

We welcome buyers to come pick their puppy up with a set appointment. 

We can assist with arranging transportation through our reliable sources either ground or air.

What forms of payments do you accept?

We will accept payment via credit card or debit card. We only accept payments with confirmation from us with a verified link sent to you. We do not allow you to just send a payment. So if you are making several payments we will set this up with your approval on when and how much.

What is the process for selecting a puppy from a litter?

When it is time to choose a puppy, we'll provide guidance based on your preference and the puppies personalities.

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