Tell Tail screening process leverages both the latest technology and breeding experts to ensure our breeders are reputable and investing in the health of their litters.

  • ID Verification
    Tell tail conduct a one-time verification, which involves the breeder submitting a government-issued ID, to establish initial trust.
  • Puppy Mill Screening
    Tell Tail screen all applicants against the puppy mill database, to ensure they are not a known bad actor.
  • Breeder Interviews
    Breeders are invited to an interview, where members of our team discuss details about their breeding programs.
  • Our Breeder Questionnaire
    We’ve developed a comprehensive breeder questionnaire that covers essential aspects of responsible breeding, and our team discusses these topics with breeders during their interview.
  • We Get to Know You
    We don’t stop at certification: our team regularly connects with breeders on the phone, over email, and through events to maintain a personal connection. We aim to know each of our breeders and their programs personally when they join our community.

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