“Side eye dog”

This refers to a behavior where a dog looks at something or someone from the corner of their eye without
turning their head. This sideways glance can convey a range of emotions or reactions depending on the context.

Common reasons for the side eye in dogs include:

Suspicion or Wariness:

The dog may be unsure or suspicious about a person or situation.
Puppies often do this when they are introduced to something new. Such as a car ride for the first time.
Its that look I get when I place one of my labradoodles on the step to see if they can figure out how to come down.
Of course often my labs just jump with out thinking about it. Which as babies we do have watch out for them
because depending on the depth of the jump and the surface they land on this can effect their joints.

Discomfort or Anxiety:

The dog might feel uncomfortable or anxious, often seen when they’re trying to avoid direct
Funny I get this sometimes when I am first introducing them to treats. When we are teaching them to eat out of our
hands. Many people think that this is a natural thing for them to do but it is a learned activity, especially to get them
to take a treat with out biting down on my fingers once they figure out how good it is.
This is often when I give them the side eye!


The dog is interested in something but doesn’t want to make it obvious.
Puppies can be funny, and often like my two house cats they want to be sneaky about doing the things they want to
do. I see puppies give the side eye when they are doing the cat play. Sitting and waiting to pounce on the other.
Often it is the one that does the side eye gets pounced on. LOL

Submission or Deference:

In dog body language, avoiding direct eye contact can be a sign of submission.
This is very true, we often work hard on getting puppies to give us eye contact because it builds their confidence
level as they are going through that weaning stage. I see my puppies as they get older do the side eye and roll over on
their back as a sign of submission to other dogs. Occasionally we experience this with our adults more than our
puppies. That is because our adults are very acclimated to living with each other and they know we are the leaders.
Where puppies do not typically show this submission sign to us until they are older. I would consider this a good
thing because you do want to be the dominate one in their life.

Humor or Playfulness:

Sometimes, side eye is just a playful gesture, often interpreted humorously by humans.
The term “side eye dog” has gained popularity on social media, often used to describe dogs giving humorous or
judgmental looks, which are human like by their owners. Catching these looks can appear particularly funny or
expressive to people, leading to many viral photos and videos.

Labradors and Mini Labradoodles can be fun companions

I hope you have found this article entertaining, You can always check out our puppy nursery here for more videos and photos of our fun puppies here at the Siess Ranch

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