Trained Mini Labradoodle Puppy near you. We have some older puppies that have completed their Level 2 training.

Don’t miss this chance of owning a Trained Mini  Labradoodle Puppy!
We have Mini Labradoodle Puppies for sale in Kansas and near by states of Oklahoma,  Nebraska, Colorado, Iowa and Missouri here at the Siess Ranch

Take a look at the trained Mini Labradoodle Puppies here at the Siess Ranch

We are excited to welcome you to these wonderful Mini Labradoodle Pups.  Our puppies enjoy playful interactions with our family, creating unforgettable moments that last our puppies throughout their life with you. With the level of training these older puppies have they are very well adjusted to family home life. We take every step with the puppies in learning how to interact with other puppies and in social settings with other people. 


Marlee and Tucker’s Trained Mini Labradoodle puppies are available to approved homes now.  Marlee gives us such beautiful puppies. All puppies have been vet-checked and have had their personality testing done. They have acquired their first level of training which allows them to qualify to leave the ranch with the appropriate care and guidance to advance to level 2.


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Charlie is quite the action pup! He is such a fun puppy to be around. And I love the way he interacts with all the other puppies. He craves attention and is a show stopper. He would fit in most any family that gives him attention and continues the training. 



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Patrick started out more anxious but has really come around to be a great pup with interest in everything. He has adjusted very well with individual kennel. I believe he would fit in a family that would take the time to train him. He listens and gives great eye contact.



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Harrison has been a sweet natured boy also. He is really blossoming with his wanting to learn new things. He gives me great eye contact and is learning to sit and stay. He would be a great puppy for any family. A very well rounded boy. 



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Sampson has stollen my heart from the beginning. He is the biggest and tends to be put in that leading role but he is just a big teddy bear. He has a sweet nature and loves to be held. He would fit in a family full of activity or be totally content hanging out with you.


These older girls of Penny’s and Lily’s are 6 months old and have acquired their second level of training. 

Check out our Honey Bear’s Babies for the most recent babies ready to leave the ranch now If you are not wanting the trained mini Labradoodle puppy.


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Molly is the last puppy of Lily’s She is a sweet pup and has really started to fill out. Molly is a bit taller she reminds me of Lily when she was little only taller. Molly is house and potty trained and has walked on leash since she was little. A very well behaved girl. 


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Ginny is a fun girl, she loves interaction with the other pups. She is a social bug and loves to go for walks and hang out with the family. Ginny has been crate, house potty trained and has learned how to do the doggie door. 



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Trudy is one of Penny’s girls. She will be the perfect size 25# full grown. She is a sweet laid back girl and loves her humans and other pups. And of course our cats. Trudy likes to just hang out by your side she does well on leash and has been house and potty trained. 


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Ruby is a smart pup, she loves being with people. Her coat is really thickening now but she has the non curl and does shed a bit. The type of coat will not be hypo allergenic but will be easier to maintain. Ruby is family trained and ready for her new home.




Sadie and Copper have 6 boys and 3 girls. Will be later in June or July before they will be leaving. Sadie is one of our taller girls so these puppies may be a bit bigger then the typical 20# Mini Labradoodle puppies we have.


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