“What? Is there such a thing as a perfect puppy?

Listening to a podcast yesterday on what is the perfect puppy. I realize that my buyers often have a specific personality trait they are looking for in their puppy. And what we as breeders specialize in is to match that trait with the buyer.
What you may not understand, all puppies have a mixture of energy given a particular time. Interestingly enough there is a lot of information I can gather about a puppy from the first few weeks of birth. And I can be proactive in providing the puppy with the correct loving environment to let that puppy develop into the perfect puppy.

How is this done?

By consistently evaluating the puppy and working with their weakness from the start.

If I have a puppy that fights being handled I will spend extra time holding it and doing the massage therapy several times
a day until the puppy is very comfortable with being handled.

At the 6-week personality test, I am able to distinguish if the puppy is a reserved thoughtful puppy vs an Engaged Action Based puppy. Or if it is somewhere in the middle.

I liked the way the trainer on this podcast referred to a Clear Headed Pup as being thoughtful and showing interest in cues, such as my language and hand signals.

Dogs communicate with sign language

Dogs communicate with us using sign language and they also learn from us with sign language. Keeping that in mind when we are doing the puppy puppy puppy call at a very young age we are motioning with our hands come with me, or I am already walking away from the group of puppies. This first command is accomplished in a group. So that if I do have one that is more reserved they learn to follow along.

As the puppy is introduced to games and activities each day or week they start to learn how to stay focused on us. As with children, their attention span grows and we are able to accomplish more at each level of training.

The art of training is a learned behavior I would like to point out that what we do here is a baseline part of the training and it is crucial to your puppy’s development to carry on with the training to ensure the puppy is the perfect puppy for you.

Continued training makes the perfect puppy.

We recommend Baxter and Bella online training because of their vast amount of support. This is the go-to platform if I or one of our trainers here needs advice and help in any of their work.

Here is the link to Baxter and Bella training.

Another thing to understand about puppy culture is that at a young age, all we can see is a baseline of traits and that each of these traits can be balanced with specific work from the handler. Being honest with what you strive for and working with the puppy to boost the puppy’s weakness to give the puppy the most benefit from the training is developing the perfect puppy.

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With our go-home package, we give you all the information on what your puppy has been given in training and with vaccinations diet and supplements.  I hope you have found this article helpful. If you are considering adopting a fur-ever friend we at the Siess Ranch specialize in fitting our puppies in the best suited homes. Check out the nursery  and contact us with any questions you may have. 


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